Manual for the Airmine Pollen app

Table of Contents

(The manual is only available in English for now.)

Intro screens and settings

Choosing your region

Airmine does not cover the whole world (yet), we offer pollen risk forecasts for a selection of geographical areas. These are grouped into regions in the app. When you choose a region, you will see the pollen risk forecast for this area.

When you download the app, we try to find out where you are located. If you are within one of the areas we cover, this region will automatically be suggested. You can change your region during the setup process or anytime later in the Settings screen.

Regions with maps

These are regions where we have classified vegetation by satellite images and machine learning. In these regions you can search for pollen forecasts and you can see pollen risk levels in the Maps screen.

Regions with major cities

For some regions we only provide pollen risk forecasts for selected cities. You can select different cities from a list, but you cannot search for locations and there is no pollen map.

Airmine Pollen app screenshot - select region

Allowing location services?

We suggest you allow the app to use location services when the app is in use. This gives you pollen risk forecasts for your current location. If you log your pollen allergy symptoms in the app, enabling location services will also let the app store the pollen values for your location when you log.

You can adjust and turn on and off  location services in your phone’s settings.

Allowing notifications?

If you allow notifications, you can get reminders and daily notifications on pollen risk.

You can adjust the notifications in the Settings screen in the app. You can turn the notifications on or off and select which ones you want to receive.

Airmine Pollen app screenshot - allow notifications

Home screen

This is where you see the pollen risk for today and tomorrow for different locations.

Pollen risk levels

We have five levels of pollen risk, marked with a colour and text on the Home screen. The Airmine Pollen app gives you pollen risk levels, meaning the chance of experiencing f.ex. High pollen levels. 

Pollen levels will vary locally, depending on vegetation, local weather and when the plants release their pollen. It is also important to understand that our models give a prognosis for  risk levels ahead of time, a bit like the weather forecast. We do our best to give you precise information, but there will always be uncertainties in our risk forecasts.

The risk levels we use:

grey - none

No pollen risk – typically when a species is not in pollen season

green - low

Low pollen risk. There may be some pollen in the area.

yellow - moderate

Risk for medium levels of pollen.

orange - high

Risk for high levels of pollen.

red - very high
Very high

Peak season, very high pollen risk.

Airmine Pollen app screenshot - home screen

Location when you open the app

As default, we show forecasts for your current location (provided you have turned on location services and are within one of the regions we cover). If you are outside our covered areas or have turned location services off, we will propose a default location.

Search (regions with maps)

You can search for pollen risk for places (addresses, cities etc) within the region you have selected, f.ex. For locations in the UK.

Select city (regions with major cities)

You can select pollen forecasts for different cities from a drop-down list.

Mark favourite locations

You can mark places you want pollen forecasts for with a star.

Airmine Pollen app - non marked star

Your marked locations show up under the “My favourites” heading on the Home screen. You can click on the locations to quickly see the forecast for that place.

To remove a location, just click on the star next to it. You can also change the order of locations, by dragging the locations up or down.

If you turn notifications, you will get alerts for the locations in your favourite list.

Airmine pollen app - my favourite locations list


If you have selected a region with pollen maps, you will see the Map menu item on the bottom navigation bar. The maps show pollen risk, from white (no pollen) to red (very high pollen risk). You can zoom and pan in the map.

You can select species by pressing the icon with a small tree. For some regions, we offer high-resolution maps for municipalities. This is the “house”-icon. Here you can select your municipality.


Track your allergy

The diary offers you an opportunity to keep track of your pollen allergy. You can see your symptoms history by navigating the calendar. You can also log back in time or change an existing logging.

You log an entry by clicking on one of the smiley faces, either from the Home screen or from the Diary screen. 

Airmine Pollen app - Diary

See log history and pollen levels

Below the calendar, there are two charts. The top one shows your logged symptoms. 

The second graph (the bar chart) displays pollen risk levels stored  when you logged. You can click on the different species to see pollen levels for f.ex. Birch or alder. We use the phone’s location to find the pollen levels, so you need to enable location services to see historic pollen levels.

Airmine Pollen app - diary charts


Select region

Here you can change the region, e.g. from Nordics to UK.. Please note that notifications are sent out according to your selected region.


We offer several languages in our app. You can choose another language on the Settings screen.


Alerts, or notifications, are messages displayed also when you do not use the app. On the Settings screen, you can turn on or off the different notifications we offer. 

  • Diary daily reminder
    • Sent out around 20/8 pm if you have not logged your allergy symptom that day
  • Daily pollen alert
    • Sent out around 07/7 am for your favourite locations (those with a star on the Home screen) and for your selected species (on the Settings screen).
  • Alerts on high pollen levels
    • Sent out around 07/7 am for your favourite locations (those with a star on the Home screen) and for your selected species (on the Settings screen). 
    • Only sent out if pollen levels for one or more species is “high” or “Very high”.

You can control where notifications are shown in your phone’s Settings (on locked screen etc).

Airmine Pollen app - Settings

Delete your account

If you no longer want to use the app, or you want to make sure all personal information is erased, you can find the “Delete Account” option on the Settings screen. When you type “DELETE” and press the Delete Account button, your personal data is deleted immediately from our systems. (The app itself is not deleted, but you can do this afterwards.)


Airmine Pollen app - delete account

Access to your user data

We will need your user ID to retrieve the data belonging to you. You find the user ID at the bottom of the Settings screen in the app, click on the + symbol to see it. Your user ID will look like something like the example below. Take a screenshot and include it in your email to us at the address

We will then send you your personal data stored in our systems by email. Processing time will be 5-7 working days. 

We will delete the email conversation after completing your request, to protect your privacy.

Airmine Pollen app - settings uid
Airmine Pollen app - Settings see uid

Privacy and data protection

Please see our Personvernerklæring.

Questions or feedback?

Please contact us at or via our contact form. We’d love to hear from you.