Helping people allergic to pollen

Airmine is a technology company delivering pollen forecasts

400 million people are affected by pollen allergies in the industrialised world

20% of the population in the industrialised world has pollen allergies

4% registers sick leave caused by pollen allergies

New ways to deliver pollen forecasts

Data-driven and local pollen risk forecasts, based on weather, topography, vegetation and measurements.
Social sustainability in practice.

Our pollen risk products

Websites, apps

Web widgets

Municipalities, cities & regions

Local maps

Pollen risk forecasts on your phone


Satellite data in pollen risk forecasting

Satellite data is at the core of our services. We use Sentinel-2 data for classification of vegetation – this forms the basis for our pollen risk forecasts.

Sentinel-2 is a key part of the European Commission’s Copernicus programme, implemented in partnership with The European Space Agency (ESA). Read more about how we use satellite data and how we model our pollen risk forecasts.

Photo of Sentinel-2 by ESA – P. Carril.


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