Show pollen forecasts to your customers and visitors

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Show local pollen forecasts on your signage screens. For shops, workplaces, hotels -everywhere where people frequently gather.

Local pollen maps
Forecasts for today and tomorrow
Easy and flexible to set up

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Why pollen forecasts?

About a quarter of the population is allergic to pollen. In the pollen season, both energy levels and ability to work may be affected.

Good pollen forecasts can  help plan daily activities.

As an employer or property manager, you can help people allergic to pollen by providing accessible pollen information.


Local forecasts and maps

  • Forecasts for today and tomorrow
  • 40×40 m resolution in maps
  • The forecasts are based on vegetation mapping with satellite, weather data, topography and local measurements
  •  Currently, we cover only Norway

Easy set-up

We offer integrations to most signage vendors. 
Do you need a complete signage solution? We can assist you.
It will also be possible to link directly to our URL.


We are happy to help you find a solution that meets your business’ needs