Hazel pollen spread starting in Northern and Central Europe


In our previous post about pollen in Europe we forecasted that the pollen season for hazel would start in Europe in ten days, i.e. by mid-January. So how did it go?

Below is a map illustrating the current levels for hazel pollen across Europe. Largely this is in line with our forecast, but a few things stand out.

Hazel pollen levels in Europe as per 21. January 2020. Yellow areas mean high pollen levels, dark green relatively high levels and light green some hazel pollen present

Hazel pollen levels on the rise in Northern Europe

Firstly, in Northern Europe, pollen has started a few weeks earlier than what is normal. Relatively high levels of hazel pollen has been recorded in southern parts of Sweden. But in Southern Europe, south of France and north of Spain, the season has not started yet.

Secondly, the high levels of pollen measured in the Netherlands in early January, was a short-term phenomenon and current levels are in line with the historic records. The current low levels are more in accordance with what is normal.

We will return shortly with a ten days forecast for hazel pollen in Europe. Based on our initial estimates we expect the pollen season for hazel to start in the following regions over the next ten days:

  • Portugal and the Pyrenees, South of France
  • Western part of England (London), Southern part of Scotland
  • The most Western parts of Norway (Stavanger)
  • Eastern part of Sweden

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