Grass pollen levels still high in Central Europe


High levels in Denmark, Germany and Poland, France may have seen the peak

As mentioned before, the grass pollen season is a long one. As we see from our map below, levels are high in Central Europe, Denmark and the southern tip of Sweden. Most of France is probably over the peak, as is all but the north of Italy.

Estimated levels for grass pollen 16 June 2020. Red colour means high pollen levels, yellow moderate, dark green low-moderate and light green low levels.

The heat comes to the north

The map below shows how much we can expect temperatures to deviate from normal levels the next ten days. Scandinavia stands out as remarkably hot, with temperatures above 30°C. The rest of Europe north of the Alps can also expect warm days ahead, while the southern parts are yet to have the full summer heat.

Temperature differences from normal levels, 15-25 June 2020. Blue and green means colder than normal, orange and red warmer.

Grass pollen outlook – UK and Scandinavia on the rise

We expect grass pollen levels to remain high in Denmark and most of Germany and Poland. The Baltic states, Ireland and UK are also in for high levels. The increase in Scandinavia will continue, moving slowly northwards.

Estimated levels for grass pollen 26 June 2020. Red colour means high pollen levels, yellow moderate, dark green low-moderate and light green low levels.

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You may also be interested in our other stories on pollen in Europe. We will keep you updated as the grass pollen season develops, and also include other allergens such as mugwort (artemisia vulgaris).

Credits: Maps and figures created with contributions from Rasmus Moldstad Bakken.

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