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Pollen risk forecasts on your website

  • Pollen risk forecasts for Australia, South Africa, Argentina & Uruguay, and Norway
  • Interactive risk maps or table display
  • Easy to display on your website!
  • FREE display of pollen risk as table
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Why pollen forecasts?

About a quarter of the population is allergic to pollen. In the pollen season, both energy levels and ability to work may be affected.

Good pollen risk forecasts can  help plan daily activities.

Pollen risk levels Australia

Local forecasts and maps

  • Risk forecasts for today and tomorrow
  • 4×4 km resolution
  • The forecasts are based on vegetation mapping with satellite, weather data, topography and local measurements

Easy to set up

  • Integrate using iframe or similar in your CMS.
  • We can adjust web elements to suit your need.
  • Show as interactive map or table.