Air pollution and pollen - where you live

Outdoor sensor for your home

Sign up as a pilot customer and get

  • Local pollen forecast for next 24 hours

  • Sensor measuring particulate matter  (PM2.5)

  • You see all results in the Airmine app

  • Outdoor sensor, requires wifi and power

  • Pilot offering – 49 NOK/month

  • Only available in Norway yet


Product details

  • The sensor measures particles in the air and gives you PM2.5 levels where you live
  • Our models estimate a 24-hour forecast for PM2.5 based on measurements and models
  • Our models estimate pollen levels by combining local measurements with satellite data and weather data
  • All resultats are available in the Airmine app. You can also share the forecasts and measurements with friends and family.
  • We are in a pilot phase and will improve the service regularly. Feedback from customers is much appreciated!
  • The sensor is meant for outdoor use
  • Requires power and wifi
  • Dark grey design
  • Measures 130x150x85 mm, weighs 386 g

What is included?

Local air pollution  levels (PM2.5) at your site, now and historical
Local pollen levels for different plant species
24 hour forecast for PM2.5
48 hour forecast for pollen
Notifications when PM2.5 levels are high
Notifications when pollen levels are high

Terms & pricing

Ordinary price90 NOK/mnth

Prices are subject to change. All prices in NOK incl. VAT. The sensor is currently only available in Norway.

No binding period. If you terminate the subscription before 12 months have passed, you must return the sensor to Airmine. After 12 months, you may keep the sensor, even if you choose to stop the subscription. (Without subscription you will get access only to PM2.5 measurements, including historical values, no forecasts and no pollen data.)

Full terms & conditions (in Norwegian)

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