Air Quality Sensors

Measure what matters

How is the air where you live?

We have developed an air quaily sensor – read PM2.5 and PM10 levels where you live. Particulate matter (PM) is the air pollutant that causes most damage to human health. With our sensor, you can easily see the PM-levels in your neigbourhood.

The sensor is now in its final testing stages and is available to pilot customers in March.

Key features

  • Measures PM2.5 and PM10
  • For outdoor use primarily
  • Easy to set up
  • Integrated with the Airmine app – easy to read your measurements and see your history
  • Requires power & wifi (no battery)
  • Affordable subscription model


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Green in India means red in Norway

We've attempted to compare the different PM2.5 breakpoints in selected air quality indices. It turns out a green level does not mean the same around the world.

EU’s clean air outlook – saving lives and reducing costs

EU has launched its Second Clean Air Outlook report. There are both premature deaths and money to be saved by improving the air quality.

Pilot testing our air quality monitor – where is the pollution coming from?

We are pilot testing our air quality monitors and have started to dig into the first results. We had expected local variations in PM-levels, but it turns out the source is probably found far away from the neighbour's wood burning stove.

Air quality in Europe – it’s going the right way

EEA's recent report gives hope for the air quality in Europe. Most pollutants have been reduced the last decade, but Eastern Europe is still heavily affected.

Winter is coming – with polluted air

As we enter the colder months on the northern hemisphere, air pollution levels rise. Much of Europe is affected, but can hardly match the soaring levels in Northern India.

Smoke from west? No, dust from east

Did the huge forest fires on the US West Coast in September impact air quality in Europe? Not really, the measurements show. What did have an impact, was dust transported by winds from south east.

Better air in Beijing than San Francisco

Last week, you'd rather breathe Delhi air than take a stroll in San Francisco. Smoke and ashes from the huge forest make air quality on the US West Coast the worst in the world.