Citizen service for social sustainability!

Local pollen forecasts for municipalities

Now enabling citizens to contribute to better health and wellbeing for all pollen allergic people in the community. We call it social sustainability in practice!

  • Citizens get their local pollen risk forecasts on their municipality’s digital platform and in the Airmine Pollen app
  • In the app, users can log their pollen allergies daily and contribute to improving the pollen forecasts for the benefit of both themselves and others
  • Engage your citizens – bring value to the community
Airmine Pollen app - municipality map

Why pollen forecasts?

About a quarter of the population has pollen allergies. During the pollen season, both energy levels and work capacity may be affected for people allergic to pollen.

Local pollen risk forecasts and analytics can make planning of everyday life easier.

Value for the municipality

Social engagement among citizens to contribute to better their own and others’ daily lives during pollen season.

Local information from the municipality for better health and wellbeing in the community. 

Easy to set up

Integrate with iframe or similar in your web publishing system

With a simple integration, the service is up and running on the municipality’s platform!

Product highlights ​

  • Pollen risk maps down to street-level
  • Hyperlocal, interactive maps
  • Display on the municipality’s digital communication channels and in the Airmine Pollen app
  • Risk forecasts for today and tomorrow
  • The risk forecasts are based on vegetation mapping with satellite data, weather data, topography, and local measurement data
  • User-logging in the Airmine Pollen app is used to quality assure and calibrate pollen forecasts 
  • Available for Norway, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom. More countries to come.

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