Citizen service for social sustainability!

Local pollen risk maps for community awareness

  • Local pollen risk today + tomorrow
  • Display in table format or as hyper-local, interactive maps
  • Better facilitate for pollen allergic people
  • Easy to integrate in web pages
  • Currently available for the Nordic countries, UK, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. Other countries to come.
  • Price: 1.500 euros/year per city

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Why pollen risk forecasts?

Citizens express gratitude that pollen allergies are highlighted and taken seriously.

We offer engaging and transparent pollen risk maps.

You can give your citizens a social sustainable service.

Local pollen risk as maps and tables

  • Risk forecasts for today and tomorrow
  • 40×40 m resolution
  • Based on vegetation mapping using satellite data, weather data, topography and measurements

Easy to set up

Easy to embed on websites and use on digital information boards.